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6 Week “Spring into Spring” Challenge

6-Week “Spring into Spring” Challenge:

What is it?

Your New Year’s Resolution didn’t work out how you planned? Afraid you are not going to be “bikini ready” come Summer time? Maybe you have struggled with one fitness goal for a long time, be it diet or exercise related, that you want to kick start now and build new healthy habits? Then this is for you. Starting on Monday, March 18th we will be working as a team to build new habits and get another step closer to where we wish to be in regards to our health.

Oh yeah, it’s FREE   

This is simply an organized effort to get us all motivated to do whatever it is that we have been putting off. It will simply cost you a little bit of time and effort.

Who is it for?

Pregnant and wanting to eat healthier for Baby, or needing to get more exercise in? Overweight and wanting to shed a few? Feeling fit, but you know that a cocktail every night isn’t good for you so you want to cleanse your system? Doing the same thing every day at the gym and wanting to add something new, like Yoga? Want to try cutting out certain foods to figure out why your energy levels are so low, or why your digestive system seems out of whack? Yeah, this is for all of that.

How does this work?

We are all wishing to accomplish something, and we are all here to support one another and hold one another accountable. We will use Facebook to stay connected to each other, share ideas, and ask questions. There will be weekly organized hikes and other outings in the Orange County area to get us all together physically as well. I will also post random health and fitness related articles that I find interesting and relevant.

We will use to communicate with each other during this challenge. Please click the link above or search “Sanchez fitness” on Facebook and “like” it.

First, everyone will announce their SPECIFIC, measurable, personal challenge in detail, including their baseline and expectations. For Example,  I eat really clean and exercise about 5 days per week (resistance training mostly), but I need to do more cardio before I hike the Inca Trail in Peru this June. I currently do cardio once per week. I am challenging myself to a minimum of 5 hours of cardio per week for 6 weeks. All announcements need to be done on the Sanchez Fitness Facebook page by March 17th!

You must post your progress weekly, if not more, or it will be assumed that you did not complete your challenge. Please feel free to have conversations on this page that are related to the challenge. If you have any questions, post them! If you feel like you know something that can benefit other challengers, post it! If you are going for a run and want to invite others to join you, post it! If you notice that someone hasn’t been posting, help them by reaching out to them!

Examples of Nutrition goals:


Eat all natural only

Eat whole foods only

Eat organic only

Eat local foods only

Eat more vegetables

Start juicing

Drink more water

Eat more often

Eliminate dairy

Eliminate Gluten

Eliminate Grain

Eliminate ALCOHOL

Eliminate Tobacco

Eliminate artificial sweeteners

Eliminate processed sugar

Eliminate preservatives

Eliminate late-night snacks

Examples of Exercise goals:


Start/do more general exercise

More cardio

More stretching

More resistance training

Lose weight

Gain muscle


Weight-loss goals:


Lose 5 lbs

Lose 10 lbs

Lose 15 lbs

Lose 20lbs (Over 200 lbs only)

Lose X% body fat


People are often overwhelmed with too many rules to follow when trying to accomplish their fitness goals. They feel too restricted by their diets, stressed because they don’t know enough about exercise, and frustration causes them to fall off the program entirely. The 6-week Spring into Spring challenge allows people to focus on one thing: one thing that they have been wanting to try, or one thing that they know they need. As you check in weekly, you will see all of the other challenges that your peers have chosen for themselves, and they will in turn be able to see how well you are doing with your challenge. Not only will we all be able to hold each other accountable, but we will also be able to use each other as motivation to stick to our personal challenge. You might even be motivated by someone else to take on an additional challenge! Remember, this is not a competition where one person wins all, but an opportunity for us to feed off one another’s energy as we better ourselves. So who’s in?


March 18th– April 27th


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Too Tough Sticking to Your Goal? Try AA!

One of the biggest reasons people hire a personal trainer in Orange County is for accountability. Yes, your trainer should be there to educate you, push you, and to motivate you when it gets tough to stay on track, but the accountability that they provide is of up-most importance for a reason. It makes you do something that you might not normally do. Remember the entry about waking up before work to go to the gym? I bet if you had a trainer waiting for you at the gym it would be easier to wake up! Nobody wants to lose their hard earned money…

But what if you don’t have extra money to spend on personal training? How can you get that accountability without the cost of a personal trainer? Have you already tried having a workout buddy, but they are too flaky? Do what I do.

Tell everyone about your goals!

Why? Because whether they want you to succeed, or are hoping that you don’t, they WILL keep asking you:

“How is the weight loss goal coming along?”

“How much weight have you lost?”

“You look great! Are you still trying to get in shape?”

These people are your new “Army of Accountability.”

If you can get used to the attention that you WILL get- especially if it is obvious that you are getting closer to your goal- you will have constant reminders that you are on a mission. Lets be honest- nothing is a worse blow to your ego than a large group of people watching you quit. Who wants to be known as a quitter? Not me! So please allow me to lead by example:

I am entering a “Men’s Physique” competition in about 5 weeks. GNC Muscle Contest on March 26th in Culver City, Ca. This is something that I was somewhat “iffy” about, so I started telling everybody that I see on a daily basis because I didn’t want to be able to back out. I even went as far as  to contact Raquel Beezley, Miss California USA 2008, to ask for advice on my stage presence.  Now I have an Army of Accountability! I will keep you all posted on how I do in the contest…

So get out there and share your goals with your family, friends, co-workers, and your colleagues at the gym (THEY will remember), but don’t stop there. Show them all how dedicated you are. Earn the right to tell them how well you are doing. Reach your goal so that instead of asking you how its going, they will be asking you for advice! You will reach your goal, and along the way, you might just inspire others to do the same…

So tell me, what is your goal?

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